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We haven’t posted lately because we’ve been working on our property and I’ve been sewing to get ready for a sale in a Guyton. It’s a community sale that is pretty popular, so I’ve been very busy.

The sad news is that we went back this weekend to catch up with our friends and were VERY disappointed to find out that our shelter is no longer accepting volunteers. A girl that was volunteering (18) got herself bit and was causing problems for the shelter. The thing about it is that she was 18, had to sign a release form, and then went back to where the “bad” dogs are kept. It’s just common sense that you might get bit! So we’re waiting to see what happens and in the meantime I will be getting in contact with some local no-kills to see if they need volunteers.

We went back to look at the dogs, since we were still allowed to do that. A couple of our friends that have been there for a while were still there. Abby, the golden/corgi mix, Annie, the hound dog, and my son’s personal favorite, Champ the pit bull, were all still there. It was very hard for the kids to have to talk to them through cage doors and not be able to work with them. My youngest twin daughter was in tears not being able to play with Annie. The worst part was that the dogs remembered us and were very excited to get out and play – and we couldn’t. Annie was actually howling and jumping at the door. Very unusual for her. Champ – who my son calls Mugsy- was licking him through the wires.

We are praying that the volunteer restrictions end soon and we’ll be able to get back into our normal routine. Until that time, we are on a hunt for “foster” homes. We need to get these three dogs, and many others, into homes before they are euthanized. These are super-terrific dogs and would make great pets for anyone. So if you know of anyone that can foster these dogs, please let me know. Even one or two of them. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Yes, it’s a big responsibility, but it’s time more of us were responsible and helped out those that can’t help themselves.

If you can’t foster or know anyone that can, would you please consider a donation? All donations will be used to either foster a dog in a home (food, medical, sterilization) or used for food in the shelters and no-kills. Thanks for any help. Any amount from $1 and up can be used to help out animals in need. Use the “donate” button to the right.

Thank you, and have a blessed week.


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  1. Biscuits Mom
    Apr 22, 2009 @ 11:26:00

    I was wondering why you hadn’t done a post …now I know!
    It is such a sad thing that they won’t let you go out and play with the dogs that are good. It seems to me that if the person that was bit had signed a release form, then it was her own fault!! The other volunteers and other dogs should not have to be punished for her stupidity.
    I will donate since I can’t foster, or know anyone that can. But I will give the money to you to take to the shelter, or use as you see fit.
    The shelter in Hinesville is a no kill shelter.
    LIBERTY HUMANE SHELTER, GEORGIA It’s the one that I have been voting for, for the make over on zoo too.com. You might want to check them out. I know that it’s a long drive over there, but it might be worth the drive.
    I wish you the best with you quest to save as many as you can. If I had the room and a place to keep them I would take all three.


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