Contest on Artfire – Get your Christmas shopping done early

The guild, “You can Sell It” on is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway. Here are the details:

To qualify for a chance to win a $25 in-store gift certificate:
1) Purchase any item from one the participating stores during the week of August 23 – 29 (2009) and write “gift certificate entry” in the seller notes during checkout.
2) Your name will then be entered in the drawing and a winner will be chosen at random.
3) Winner will be notified by September 01, 2009.
4) If you would like to know the name of the winner, use the contact button in any participating store. The seller will provide you with the name.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Redeeming the winning in-store gift certificate: 1) The amount of the gift certificate is for the total purchase amount, including shipping. Example A: $22 (item price) + $3 (shipping) = $25 (total) example B: $6 + $10 + $5 (item prices) + $4 (shipping) = $25 (total). The prize can only be claimed during one shopping session and cannot be used multiple times. If the item you wish to use the gift certificate for exceeds $25, please see rule #4.”2) Browse through the stores until you find the item(s) you wish.3) Contact the seller and inform them of your selection(s). 4) If the item(s) chosen is more than the amount of the in-store gift certificate, the balance due is the sole responsibility of the winner. 4a) When a balance is due, the seller will send winner an invoice for the item(s), less the amount of the girt certificate, and winner agrees to pay the balance due within 48 hours. 4b) If the balance is not paid within 48 hours of the issued invoice, the transaction will be canceled. The in-store gift certificate may still be applied to another purchase, but the same rule applies: The balance due must be paid for within 48 hours of the issued invoice.
5) In-store gift certificate must be redeemed within 30 days of the winning date. Any balance after the 30 days will be considered forfeit. No cash back will be issued. 6) Once your item choice(s) has been processed, the seller will ship you the item(s). Delivery times may very depending on location.
7) This contest is void where prohibited by local laws.

The current list of participating shops is as follows: (unique cards, perfect for the gifts you give) (bears, embroidery, purses, lots more) (jewelry art for your body) (beautiful wood crafts) (pet clothes/accessories) (artistic photography) (decorative art trays that are functional) (personalized sewn goodies) (unique natural stone jewelry) (candles that’ll take your breath away) (beautiful and functional handmade soaps) (works of art in yarn) (a bizaar of beautiful and unique jewelry) (handcrafted gemstone jewelry, hand embroidery, and more)

These are the terrific shops we are promoting this month. You can’t go wrong buying from any of them. Try them out, win a few bucks, and get a unique treasure for yourself or a loved one. BTW, most of our shops are also animal lovers! Can’t go wrong there.


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