New Family Members

Well, we invited two new members into our home on Tuesday. We now have Spookie and Tigress, two abandoned kittens that we got from our groomer. He and his friend are keeping the momma (even though they supposedly don’t like cats and one is allergic!) and having her fixed. The momma cat was dropped in front of their door and she lost some of her kittens, but three survived. Now we have two of the three.

Here’s a shot of them:

Spookie and Tigress with Their Proud New Owners
Spookie is actually a reddish brown color with marbled stripes on his sides, four white paws, a white stripe on one side of his face, and a white bib. Tigress is a tabby girl. They both have big green eyes and are living in the girls’ room for now until they get big enough to tackle the dogs. (No fear, the dogs won’t eat them, they just like to play rough.) Aurora (girl holding stripes) begged her daddy for the kitten, promising to take care of her, clean the litter, and use her allowance for food and litter. Daddy buckled and took her down to get the kitten. He seen Spookie there and fell in love. He only brought home the one, but after some very serious discussion (i.e. “Did you see that black one down there?” Daddy “Sure did, he’s a doll.” Me “Well, we really shouldn’t take them apart. Everyone needs a home” Daddy “I love you. You’re right.” Me “Well, let’s think about it. I’m going to go get the litter and food now.” Daddy) So kitten #2 came home on the return trip. My husband is so great.
So the official count is four cats (Momma and kitten on the porch, kitten is skittish), and two dogs. When we move we’ve decided to name our place “7 feet and a lot of Paws”. I can’t wait.

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