New blog, same person

Hi everyone. If you came here looking for CutsiePoochie, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve changed the name and look of the blog to better reflect my new business enterprise. I am moving away from the dog clothes and moving into designs for women that reflect their inner beauty. I love to knit, and that passion has been tempered by too much sewing and not enough time. Most of the pieces I create from now on will be knit and for women. So guys, you are invited to shop too, as you can always buy for your wives or girlfriends (not both, please! ;-)) or your best friends.

I am currently setting up shop on Artfire and will list some pieces very soon. Please keep checking back to see what I will offer at  my new Artfire Studio. I will continue to devote time and energy to animal welfare and donate to same through my sales. Animals just are not my artistic focus any longer.
On another order of business:
This week’s Hit Parade float is Hill Country Collection on Artfire.

The pieces range from beatiful, artistic works ——————->>>>

to the more cute and comical ————————————>>>>

You can find bibs, magnets, ornaments, Christmas decorations, fabric, coasters, bookmarks, cards, and much more. There is no end to the beauty of the work and artistic ability evident in every piece. So find just what you’ve been looking for at Hill Country Collection.


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