Exercise and Knitting

My legs are killing me! Ugh. I’ve been actively exercising for the last couple of months, a regular at the YMCA. However, the other day I found a video on Netflix for these 10-minute workouts. Needing the calorie burn of at least 20 minutes, I did a set for the arms and one for the legs. I have to say, that even with the 300 calories in 30 minutes on the elliptical and weight lifting that those 10-minutes of leg exercises reminded me of just how far I have to go! Ouch. I was fine until the following morning. But for the last 2 days I have so regretted those 10 minutes. Last night I burned 300 cals in 30 minutes on the elliptical, thinking that the additional muscle work would alleviate some of the pain. Nope. Now I’m really thinking about some Tylenol. I don’t usually take meds, but this time I’m considering it.

Now for the knitting part. I am so geared up about all the projects I have flying around in my head. My current project is a little of this, a little of that and finding it’s niche in the realm of fantasy. I’m knitting a top with a bustier-style bodice and adding fabric to the arms and waist. The idea is that in the end, this will look like a woodland fairy top. The tops of the arms will be open, with ribbons and sheer material. The skirt will be pixie-ish in the same material with points (kind of like a Tinker Bell, just more sexy than cute.) Sea, forest, and leaf greens are the themes here. I’ve got a thing for green lately. Maybe it’s the hope of spring in the air?


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