Zibbet, Zibbet

Frogging is a crochet and knit term for the unfortunate moment when a needle artisan has found out that there is a mistake 5 or 6 (or more) rows back that cannot be undone without ripping out the hours of accumulated work to fix. It is called frogging because once you get to that point, and the initial shock and dismay have passed, the knitter finds herself saying, “Guess it’s time to rip-it!” Rip-it and ribbet sound much the same. Therefore, we frog. The reason I have given you this information is that today’s Zibbet finds are crocheted goods that you certainly don’t want to frog. Plus, Zibbet fits into the rip-it/ribbet group and I just thought it was funny! 😀

Mimi and Colette at Zibbet

This mop head is eco-friendly, cost effective, and inventive. I had never thought of doing something like this, but imagine the money you could save over time not buying those expensive throw-away dust mop covers! Read the description to find out why this product was not frogged…

Unique Fortuin Boutique

Wrap your treasure just like a leprechaun in this adorable infant wrap and hat combination! Perfect for your little imp’s St. Pat’s Day or pictures.

MommyTyme on Zibbet

Is it your mommy time? This crocheted and beaded lariat would be a great addition to any wardrobe. It is adjustable and has a variety of options for wear. Not too expensive or breakable so if junior decides to yank on it or you need just a quick something to dress up your mommy tee for shopping day, this would be perfect.

Cozy on Zibbet

Proof that just a little crochet can go a very long way. This headband is super sweet and pretty. The fabric center is accentuated by tiny scalloped crocheted edging. The ties are crocheted and adjustable.


This little girl needs no introduction to tell you just how adorable she is. Plus, she has sisters (or brothers) that come in all sorts of shades and colors. What a perfect little dog – cute, without the grooming, bathing, feeding, walking, cleaning, watering, (poop!), and all the other niceties that come with real puppies. And, she’s already house trained too!

I really enjoy my forays through the searches on Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet. I believe that some of the best artists are on these sites and they display their talents through their artwork. There are many hopefuls and undiscovereds. (Yours truly – but I try!) Share what you find and love what they do. Homemade artisans use quality materials. You probably won’t find lead in your toys or cadmium in your chidren’s jewelry. Plus, you are supporting enterprise, the foundation of free trade. The big brands and department stores can’t bring you what you can find here. (I bet you won’t find a reuseable Swiffer-type mop at any department store like the one above!) Try handmade, and find a new and better life for all.


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