Spring Cleaning on Etsy

Spring. Just the mention of the season sets minds to wandering. Visions of dogwood trees with delicate white and pink flowers, new blossoms shooting forth from sprigs of tender green grasses, and earstwhile wanderings through sun-speckled fields brim in the forefront of the mind. Winter looses it’s icy grip on the waters and lands, releasing torrents of rippling rivers and dazzling sparkles of melting snow. Our hearts seek out things that are fresh and new and green. We long for the Easter Bunny to arrive with his pastel eggs and chocolates. Everything is revived and the air promises warm summers. Our homes begin to look stale to us and we welcome the new season with a flurry of activity called, “Spring Cleaning.”

Okay, so this all sounds like a fairy tale, but it sounds so much better than saying, “It’s time to pack up the winter clothes and haul the crap to the charity market.” Doesn’t it? Right? So with that in mind, here are my Friday Etsy picks for shaping up your house and putting spring in its proper perspective.


This would literally bring spring into your home. The best part about these decals is that they are removable, so you can redecorate all year round without worrying about painting and repainting. Grab one for each season. You are sure to wow you guests and yourself by bringing this into your home.


Let’s face it, spring cleaning does indeed involve cleaning. Why not make it a cheerier occassion with this beautiful ironing board cover? I’m cheered up just looking at it. Ah, that’s better, maybe I won’t have to iron now…


I just love the expression on this bunny’s face. (Do bunnies have expressions???) She seems to be cotemplating the thought that it is already spring and she has to attend to all those kids, their closets, their new wardrobes, and the fact that school will be out soon. Don’t you have new respect for that dazed and confused expression now? She’s so adorable and reflects my attitude so wonderfully.


Talk about a reflection of true self! Not only does this little birdie reflect the colors of spring and new songs, but it also reminds us where our friends are and what they might be saying when we’re not there!


Apples! I love apple decor. My kitchen is entirely decorated with apples. This would be so delightful to use in the kitchen – or as a bird feeder. 😉 If I were a bird, I would definitely find this a delightful diner. Am I out of my gourd? Probably, but who cares?  This is cute.


What could be better in spring than making the old, new again? These salvaged drawer pulls have been painted and distressed by the artisan, making them New Old stuff. These would be such an added delight all year. Why not go all out for spring and even add some drawer pulls?

There is so much on Etsy that is beautiful and wonderful to look at and bring into your homes. Spring is a time of celebration. We have made it through another winter and welcome a fresh start. Like a new baby being welcomed into a home, spring should be welcomed into yours. So here is a link to a really awesome page that many of you may enjoy.

Spring Fairies


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Memento - Terri
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 14:24:45

    Thank you for adding my spring birdie to your beautiful collection. That ironing board cover really does brighten up a plain board. I never iron my clothes if the dryer can't get out the wrinkles it goes back in the wash. But I use my ironing board & iron every day when I embroider. My plain white cover will just not do know that I have see that beautiful spring one. Thanks for sharing some great Etsy finds. Have a great day!


  2. City Chic Country Mouse
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 03:28:17

    Thanks so much for featuring our ironing board cover!


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