My Craft Corner Etsy and Artfire Artisans

I am a member of this really wicked awesome, super cool, totally (anymore 80s/90s u can think of) group that is so super supportive of their members. This place is called My Craft Corner, fondly known as MCC to those that are members. This group began a little over a year ago and already has over 1,100 members. This group promotes, encourages, and exhibits their artisans unlike any group I have ever belonged to. It seems that some of the greatest people to know are drawn to MCC. I would almost guarantee any person of reasonable socialness that they can find a friend here. You probably already know people here. Where else can you blog, join groups, greet new members, have warming posts put on your profile, exhibit your crafts, talk with like-minded artisans, join a live chat, find tweeters and blogs to follow, whew! The possibilities are endless. And with that rambling intro I am now going to show you some of the artisans on Etsy and Artfire that you can find just by typing in the tag, “MCC”. Yep, they asked us to do that. So they can find us. And tweet us. And we can find each other. Mmmm….warm, big, squishy hugs.

Misobel ~ Etsy

Pretty and dainty. The perfect “little” ring to wear.

PiperBlue ~ Etsy

Beautiful silver orchids would make a perfect compliment to your spring wardrobe.

Valmade ~ Artfire

Hand-knitted hairy effect scarf. Yep, that’s what she named it! Val has some really awesome, very unique items in her shop. This scarf would be just so soft and snuggly. Who cares if spring’s here? I hear a rumor that next winter will be worse than this last one…

Bonniebear ~ Artfire

Okay, say it with me…”Awwwww….” If this just ain’t the cutest thang! If there’s a bear or bunny you’ve been hankering for, this is where to get it.

WhatKnotShop ~ Etsy

 Shabby chic says it all. This is an adorable bracelet. I don’t know how he does it, but this is a very cool talent brought to you from an Etsy artisan and MCC member.

comfiecozycreations ~ Etsy

If Linus would have been a girl, this would have been his security blanket. I was my children’s security blanket, but if they’d had this I probably would have had more “me” time. Looks super soft and cozy. I think I need one for me.

GlassAndWireGems ~ Artfire

This pendant is just stunning. Can you catch your imagination before it runs away with you thinking of things you can create with this? Mine just went wild. I had to hotlist it. I’m a dichroic glass junkie anyway, but who can blame me?

FantasyDreamKnits ~ Artfire

I don’t usually feature my own things – that’s kinda rude. But I wanted you to see that everyone on MCC is a unique artisan! These are my pineapple thong undies in black. Did I mention they are on sale???

Okay, I promise to do better next week. I have been sick since last Sunday and fell behind in my blogging. That’s why you’re seeing Artfire and Etsy in the same promo. So I will catch up with Zibbet this week now that their servers are up and running. Did I mention that they sold all of their $7 accounts in like 2 days? Now they have 499 $8 accounts. Get em before they’re gone. Click here.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Small Footprints
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 16:06:44

    Wow ~ how nice of you to feature your fellow-artisans ~ and you've chosen some lovely pieces to showcase. MCC is a great place, isn't it? It seems to inspire new ways to promote others ~ the generosity and kindness shown my MCC members is contagious!

    And your work is just beautiful!

    Have a great day!

    Small Footprints


  2. Kathryn Lantz
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 01:21:28

    Awesome blog!! Awww tugs at my heartstrings when I read amazing comments about MCC. When I found MCC, i was just about to give up hope on crafting, selling, promoting, the whole bit. I had literally no focus, no ideas, NO SALES and was losing confidence. Reggie started following me on twitter one day, and I followed back. Then I joined. The first member I met was Theresa – FaerieMoon. One of the sweetest peeps I've ever met. Right off the bat she was so sweet and helpful and encouraging. Then I got to know Reggie and the rest is history. Because of MCC and it's members, I'm back on track, I've got 2 shops, I made lots of sales from MCC, I've been promoted – nothing but good! I've met the best peeps ever there – MCC is the reason I'm still crafting! 🙂
    So thanks for your post! It's so great to see members continuing to be so supportive and encouraging to eachother!


  3. Teresa
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 02:06:23

    That pineapple thong is super-hot!!
    Thanks for the post!


  4. George
    Apr 04, 2010 @ 14:39:28

    Thanks so much for the mention of my work! I'm the guy behind WhatKnotShop and shabby chic. As you pointed out the mutual support for MCC members is one of the elements that creates success for everyone. The more there is the more there is…law of increasing returns. So thanks again and have a crafty day!


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