Spring Break

When you have five children on spring break, things get broken. Four of the five are pretty good about not breaking things, but accidents happen. Even today while we were grocery shopping we became the store menace. Nothing was actually broken, accept peace and tranquility, but there was a mess involved. Out of my goodwill and loving heart I bought each of the five a can of soda from the machine outside of the Kroger. They don’t usually get soda – sugar, fats, addiction, cavities – all the good stuff. But today, even the baby got his own can of soda. (You’re already seeing the disaster in this, aren’t you?) So, we proceeded to go shopping. About 1/2 way through the store, baby tips over his coke and spills it from the pork to the chicken, getting it all over my boots and my dress. Then after that mess was reported to the proper authorities (meat guy with a mop), we made it about two more aisles (milk, cheese) before my youngest daughter proceeded to spill her coke. This time mom made them go to the restroom and get paper towels to clean the mess. We moved the wet floor sign over where the spillage was, kids were forced to finish or relinquish their cokes, and we finished our shopping trip.

Also, within the same period of time (one short week) my baby of 2 1/2 years has broken one television, many DVDs, a few toys that don’t belong to him, and an armlet. So, to me, spring break means a time of great celebration and joy in the beginning of a fresh new season and hope. However, it also means we will eventually need to replace things. So with that thought in mind, here are some fantastic Etsy finds, in case something of yours get broken – or needs replacing – or you want something new, just in case.

Some Breakable Things…but good to have around


Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror

This mirror is not only beautiful to look at, but serves a double purpose. If positioned correctly, you can see what is going on behind you while you are not looking. The kids won’t even know they’re being watched. Besides, with your lovely face positioned in the center, the image of beauty will be complete!

Warm Country Meadows

Moss Terrarium Inside of Libbey glass Apothecary Jar

This lovely little world may transport you to another place and time as you gaze longingly into it. The little polymer clay mushroom makes me think I’ll see a fairy hiding beneath it or perhaps boldly sitting and tatting upon it. They could hide anywhere in that delicious jungle of greenery. There are times when the noise going on around me is obliterated by the beauty of something serene and natural.


 Hand Painted Rose and Daisy Bottle with Free Flowing Spout

This lovely little bottle would have a variety of uses. I can see it used as a bottle for your favorite vinaigrette dressing to use on those crisp summer salads. However, the artist provides a variety of intriguing uses – making it very wise to invest in a few of these beautiful bottles. If you decorate your life with beauty around you, you feel beauty everywhere. I’d keep this one away from the kids, though!

AND some unbreakable things…


Is It Hot In Here? t-bag

Not sure if this sentiment could apply to me, but I think the idea is on fire! No, this is not a t-shirt. Well, not anymore. It’s a bag! This crafty crafter has transformed t-shirts into reusable tote bags that are practical enough to take grocery shopping! I buy A LOT of groceries, and sometimes the bags are so small and expensive that I MUST resort to additional plastic bags. This nearly kills me, so at only $7 and with a ton of room, these won’t break the bank, they’ll save the world!


Recycled plastic chandelier DARMALAMP

And who says your lamps and beautiful chandeliers have to be made out of glass? Artist Darma Chavarria says that they can be made of plastic. And better yet, plastic reclaimed from used plastic bottles! This light is so stunning, no one would ever know it is plastic or recycled. The details are magnificent.


Plarn Coil Basket

I’ve seen plarn used in a variety of ways, but this is new, useful, beautiful, and most appreciatively unbreakable! I love the colors, the nesting ability, and the variety of uses these plarn bowls could provide. Earth friendly, they make a statement that you are a steward of your environment – and have a ton of chic-ness.

The artisans showcased here today can all be found on Etsy. Just click the links and zoom off to their shops. Shopping and creating handmade are the best ways to save money, time, and the environment. You support small business, artisans that are alive, and reinforce a struggling economy. When you move away from big business that hires overseas and produces cheap goods through slave labor, you make a statement about your values and your commitments. Handmade releases creativity and gives insight into new ideas. You won’t see any of these things in the big box stores. Especially any made with the love, devotion, time, creativity, talent, and hard work these artisans put into their crafts.

I give links to books on Amazon that I think you may like, because I think everyone should find their inner crafter. If something appeals to you, look into it. It doesn’t hurt to try. You won’t be an expert the first time, but you may find something you love to do. So get crafting, people! I need more stuff to showcase.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fashiongreentbags.etsy.com
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 13:52:22

    What a great idea for a blog entry! Thank you so very much for including my bags. I love the plarn bowls too!


  2. info
    Apr 03, 2010 @ 15:17:52

    Thank you very much for including Darmalamp!! I love the article!LOL from another working creative mom!


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