Spring Break is over – but not at Artfire

Well, we made it through spring break. I traded my sister three girls for her two boys. So yesterday I had four boys here at the house and she had five girls at hers. The played dress up and watched princess movies. The boys? We had pizza for dinner and watched tv. I was sitting in the living room tatting when they woke up the next morning. I hear their little voices start talking about the dinosaur pictures on my sons’ bedroom wall.  I smile at the cuteness. Then I hear the conversation turn from dinosaurs to farts. Had to roll my eyes at that point. I knew I was in a house full of boys! So we ended spring break on a really cool note. Here are some Artfire items to help you end YOUR spring break.

Can’t you just see this vase with a bunch of wild flowers in it? I mean the hand-picked kind your kids can’t resist plucking from the ground and handing to their queen mother. Usually dandelions and small weed-like flowers that no one else wants, but is a perfect gift for mommy. This is certainly above weed status, but would hold all that love just perfectly!


These are some of the most exquisite hand-painted wine glasses I’ve ever seen. They have beautiful white roses and the words “live, love, laugh” on them. My husband and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks. These would be such a beautiful addition to our celebration!


Now that spring break is over, get out this beautiful cupcake stand, whip up a batch of ooey, gooey, cupcakes, frost them with some decadent frosting, put them on this plate, and enjoy all for yourself! Ah, yes, heaven. The best part – upcycled glass. The dome is so that you can cover them and admire them whilst you eat the others. 😉


A perfect display for all those breakable fairy and miniature collectibles we all have. Maybe it would even provide a buffer zone so they don’t get knocked off the shelf! These beautiful wooden mushrooms would make a fabulous addition to your fantasy collection.


Chocolate AND coffee in one wondrous collection of scented yum! Scent makes such an impact on our lives. I would think that just this combination would make for an eye-opening morning and a dreamy day.


And summer is coming. That wondrous time of the year when kids are out of school for months at a time. Hang this picture in your den to remind yourself that there ARE idyllic moments that we will never forget. Moments that will live on in our memories – even after all the “things” have disappeared. We won’t remember the broken television (maybe) or grandma’s antique vase that was smashed into 5 kabillion pieces (most likely). Like a photo, the good stuff will live on and we will appreciate the grandkids.


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