Alternative Emporium

Alternative and goth clothing has been around for as long as I can remember – and that’s a little more than 30 years. In high school, I dyed my hair black, wore black eyeliner, and dressed mostly in black. My mom would only let me go so far, though. No black lipstick or nail polish, nothing even remotely like skulls or anything that could be considered “grunge.” I spent a lot of time rebelling and dressing however I wanted. I really kind of miss those days, to be honest! I still wear the black eyeliner, but am more into short, reddish, highlighted hair these days. With my pale skin I’m afraid I’d look too much like a Twilight-wannabe (and who doesn’t wanna be?) if I started with the black nail polish and lipstick.

But there are some pretty cool chicas out there that can pull it off – and pull it off well. This week we’re featuring Emmie from Alternative Emporium and her legwarmers:

“These cute and fluffy legwarmers in black with pale pink stripe are made from acrylic long hair faux fur with soft, stretchy Lycra support bands at the top. Fluffies are a staple of the alternative wardrobe but I’ve been making these for over 8 years and have worked hard to perfect the design.”

They will fit 11″/28cm to 17/”44cm calf and are approx 18″/45cm long. They will fully cover a UK size 8 shoe.
Emmie is one of those talented artisans that has made her craft her business. She began when she was about 4 years old, learning at the hands of her grandmother who was a dress and lace maker. Her mother taught her to knit. She began making her own clothes at the age of 13 to fit her petite style. About 10 years ago her business began from a winter coat that she had made. A woman stopped her in the street and asked her to make one for her. They exchanged email addresses and voila!, a life of crafting and selling was born. Emmie says of her business, “I started making a few things and putting them on EBay and selling them to shops. Over the last decade, I’ve built my business up and designed whole ranges of complementary items. I love it and can’t imagine doing anything else :0)”
What does she make?
I make a wide range of alternative clothing, mainly Cyberwear and Gothwear. All of my items are available in a range of colours and any size at all. I also make custom items with free consultation and free fabric samples where necessary.
Anything else you would like us to know?
I love to work with customers to make a totally one off, unique outfit. Many of my customers have the ideas but not the skill to make it. I get immense satisfaction from breathing life into someone’s ideas and turning a 2D design into a 3D garment.
Where can I get mine?
Emmie sells in a wide range of venues across cyber world:
You can also connect with Emmie and Alternative Emporium by following her on Twitter, Facebook, My Craft Corner and her blog.


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