Friends and Realizations

This has been such a busy week for me. On Tuesday I had a dentist appointment for myself and 4 kids in the early am. So for 3.5 hours I corralled a rambunctious 2-yr-old who was VERY bored. Then we made a bee line for Burger King and the park. We waited there for 2 hours, then took my oldest son to the eye doctor. Thankfully, they had toys there that kept them occupied for the 15 minutes or so until my Knight in Shining Armor (hubby dear) arrived to take a few home. Then I drove 20 minutes home, had a coffee and a short break, washed my Buddy dog, and took him to the vet. Twenty minute drive back to town, a very quick vet visit, and then back home. I finally collapsed after dinner! Wednesday was grocery shopping.

The most exciting day was Thursday. I had plans with my friend Jessica to meet with her and her boys at the park. She called on Wednesday to reschedule for Friday, innocently interjecting that she was to be inducted into “an honors society.” Well, of course I had to go and see my friend accept this prestigious award!

So with a rush of flurry at the end of the day hubby took kids to the pool and I hopped in the car for a dreaded ride to Savannah. I don’t like Savannah. It is a pretty little place downtown, but the traffic is horrid, the people are rude, and trying to get through it is one of my worst nightmares. Uptown, where the ceremony was to be held, is fairly navigable. However, at 6 PM everyone loses their minds and drives like idiots. I was cut-off 3 times, stuck behind a bunch of slow people, tail-gated, and had to wait for about 20 big rigs to finally kick it in gear and move from the stoplights. I was thinking to myself, “I should write about the idiocy of drivers in my blog.” By the time I drove the 45 minutes to town I was thoroughly pissed!

Jess and her lovely mother at the ceremony.
I shrugged it off though once I got into the auditorium of the college. There was my Jess and her beautiful family awaiting the ceremony. The announcer made many observations about this elite group of people and their accomplishments. Most notably, only 4.4% of the student population is ever eligible to be inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honors society. We heard a fantastic speaker who made a lot of excellent points and great future blog material. Then the ceremony. Each member was called and lit their candle and accepted their white rose. I can’t even describe the pride I felt for my friend. I knew she was smart – but gee whiz – only 4.4%???

Me and Jess. Sorry about the hair and lack of makeup. I did mention it had been a long week.

On the way home I was thinking about my writings, and it struck me: If only 4.4% of the student population of this very popular college is eligible for induction – which requires a minimum 3.5 GPA – that explains the drivers in this town! This school is a fairly good sampling of the population in Savannah and surrounding areas. You see, I can’t be angry at their idiocy and lack of skill. There are less than 5% of the people that are actually intelligent enough to drive. So with that thought in mind, I feel much more patient with the drivers and hopefully one day they’ll put intelligence on a driving test. That would really cut down on the smog and traffic.


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