Mattie’s Mondays – Waiting

Update: Mattie’s Mondays will resume on the 21st. Too far behind this week!

Hi everyone. We have switched my niece for my son this past weekend, and we are switching back today. This involves a 3-hr round trip drive, plus a visit with my sister and my baby brother that just moved back down here. Thankfully, they are now within 15 minutes of each other. So I may be rather late on the posting today, and am awaiting a few permissions from the blogs I will be linking to.

So to get you excited, I am posting some really cool baby/toddler things-to-make tutorials today or tomorrow (depending on speed of replies), a tinking tutorial (taking apart a knit pattern stitch by stitch – tink = knit backwards), and then a series on how-to-knit, leading into knitting lace. So…hope that spikes your interest! Oh, yeah, and the tutorial on how to sew a basic side-tie panty. Let’s not forget that is in the works, too. Mwah! See you soon.


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