Bounce (r) Dryer Bar – Product Review

There are not a lot of commercially produced products on the market that I take the time to review. One reason being that they never really live up to what they claim. They have tons of money and a big name behind them, and that’s what keeps them selling. Anyway…before I get into a long discussion of why you should buy independently handmade items, let’s review the Bounce (r) Dryer Bar.

I bought the Dryer Bar because I thought it would be a good investment into saving some cash and the environment. It kills me to use all those plastic bottles or the dryer sheets, but I live in one of those climates that requires something be done to combat the static cling and freshen the loads. So being the savvy consumer that I am, I looked into the new Bounce Dryer Bars. I picked mine up for the super-low cost of $4.77 from my local Wally World. I bought the 2-month Fresh Linen bar so I didn’t have to invest too much time and money if it didn’t work. The 4-month option was $7 and some change.

It has only been 2 days and I can honestly say I am very impressed. Not only do my clothes smell great, but they are static-free and smell good coming back out of the drawers and closets. We do A LOT of laundry – probably close to 20 loads or more a week. No kidding. So with that in mind I am wondering if this bar will last 2 months. Most likely not, but probably only due to the large amount of laundry that we do. So with that fact in mind, and knowing the average laundry load of a 4 person family is about half of what we do, I will approximate it lasting a month. But just to prove myself – and the Bounce bar – I am installing a widget to countdown how long it lasts. It is due to run out on August 21, 2010, exactly 60 days from the date I put it in and the approximate time of 8 am. I will give you updates on how it’s working and how long it lasts. So hang in there, and keep checking back! If you’d like to join in with me, post a comment and let me know. Grab my widget, figure out your start and end dates, and post it on your blog. Let’s see if P&G can live up to their claims…


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