Well, I casually mentioned in my last post about my fabulous new sewing room. The sewing room is beautiful. I have 5 large windows to let in plenty of natural light. This would make for a secluded and wondrous area to sit and knit when the rare moment of solitude presents itself. However, these windows also present a tremendous challenge. I am in need of organization and storage. I have tons of fabric, mostly stored in clear dry cleaner bags. I also have four clear underbed storage containers filled with yarns of different weights and measures. Also, out of all of this, I have to make someplace for office supplies and storage. Our large walk-in closet is housing clothing, fabric, and yarns right now. The same space has a divider that supplies the bedroom area. There are two windows on either side of one wall. I adore these two rooms. But I am so lost on how to organize, store, and set up my sewing room.

I’ve looked at tons of ideas, searched shelving, storage boxes, and diy ideas. But my brain hurts with the possibilities. I don’t have a lot of cash on hand to set all of this up, so whatever I do has to be thrift store cheap! So the thought hit me: I have a blog and I have people that read my blog. Okay, wow, that means I can now officially pick your brains! Ha ha. In the next few days I will be taking pictures of my area, along with my objects, and asking you to help me design my sewing space. What will you get out of this? For whoever gives me the very best ideas to use, you will receive 50% off any one item in my store. OR – if you would like something specially designed for you and only you – I will oblige. This can be anything your heart desires. A knitted sweater, scarf, stockings, corset – just tell me. A new dress, nightie or lingerie your preference? Done. Your item will be the first thing to come out of my newly designed room. PLUS, you get the extreme honor of being mentioned in my blog, 50 free tweets about your shop, and a feature of your awesome work. In the even that the honor goes to more than one person as in a combination of ideas -you will each receive the above-mentioned items. So think about it – would you be interested in helping me to design a super-cool, very cheap, and extremely efficient sewing area???


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