Goodbye to the Old, On to the New

By now, anyone who has followed my blog and actively read it (when I Post!) knows that I am a woman of eclectic tastes and pursuits. I have just finished obtaining my Master’s in education, which has always been a goal of mine. Of course, now I’m looking for a job as a teacher. However, I always have a desire to learn new things and pursue new goals. One of those goals has ALWAYS been to play a musical instrument.

Growing up in my family meant that I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to pursue passions. If it was free or cheap, I could pursue it. But nothing that involved a commitment of a rental on musical instruments or, God forbid, buying one. I can’t sing a lick, either, although I have to admit bathroom acoustics have always been a friend to me. However, I have always loved music. One of the highlights during the year are the biannual concerts from the Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra in Savannah. I try to attend every one, not just because of the music, but because I have a young friend that is in the orchestra. When I go I fantasize about playing something – usually the haunting melodies on the violin.

So I decided that this summer I would pursue a new dream. I bought a violin with all of the trimmings (metrinome, tuner, case, strings, workbooks, bridge, rosin, etc.) and began to play. Well, not really, cause I didn’t know the first thing about tuning it, or that I was supposed to put rosin on the bow to make sound, or how to rosin it. I even had to look up how to put the shoulder rest on the thing. But I’m loving it. I’m obsessed by it actually.

I have ordered jewelry with violins and cleft notes. But I am also finding images of violins and roses in my mind. So to honor that obsession and pursuit of a lifelong dream, I curated a collection of violin art on Etsy. You are never too old to chase a dream. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Share your musical obsession with me! Leave a comment below.


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