Fresh new products

Since I have been an online seller of fine crafts, I have always heard that pictures sell the products. And it is true. A bad picture does not do a product justice in any way. People just do not want to spend money on something they can’t see clearly. I have had an HP camera for the last 10 years that I got with a printer that I bought. You have heard me talk about it before on this blog. Well, after doing a tad bit of research I knew that I wanted a Canon. I finally found one to do what I needed it to do and put it on layaway. Six weeks later I was able to get it out and take some nice pictures.

What I ended up with was a Canon A490.Canon PowerShot A490 10.0 MP Digital Camera with 3.3x Optical Zoom and 2.5-Inch LCD It didn’t cost me a ton of money, but it is probably the best little camera I’ve ever had. It takes clear, beautiful pictures and had enough adjustments on it that I can take pictures in any light so they still show up good. Photography is not my greatest asset. So after a few weeks I finally got a chance to re-photograph some of my items.

Here are some “before” and “afters.” The top pictures show the first camera and the second ones show the new camera.

 I can’t believe the clarity that comes through. I am able to take close shots without blur and distortion that I couldn’t take before. Now, I can’t give all of the credit to the camera. I also have to give a little to my photo editing program, Lunapic. None of the images were retouched or auto adjusted. I added text and cropped them. But Lunapic can do it all – for free. Yep, free. No subscriptions, no limits, all functions are free. I hated paying for a few more megabytes on Photobucket or a few more functions on Picnik. Neither of them were able to do what Lunapic does, either. Now, this might sound like an advertisement, but this is honestly what I have used and thought I would pass on.

So take a look at my website and tell me what you think about the new stuff. I have a new bracelet and earring combo called “Starry Summer Nights.” There is more to come in the next few weeks as well. Hope you are having a fantastic summer.


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