Hi everyone. This blog has had a few transformations in the past, but is going to undergo another one. I have changed the name from “Fantasy Dream Knits” to “Technique Junkie” (edited to tell you that some other blog already has that name and I WILL not infringe on their site by changing it to 1 or 2, etc. We are now “Eclectic Technique“) to more accurately alert others to what I intend to do with this blog. A lot of posts pertain to my personal life and the techniques that interest me at the moment. As I was on the Internet the other day I realized how much I pursue finding new and interesting techniques. Currently I have looked up t-shirt laddering and Peruvian String Art. Before that it was Viking Knit with wire. So just to keep everyone in the loop, I am going to change the look, feel, and content of the blog. I hope I can retain my most faithful readers, and maybe give you more current and interesting things to read! In the next few days watch for changes and I will announce the new “re-grand” opening. I will also be posting about some things I have found and hopefully adding a few tutorials along the way.


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