Countdown to Christmas

Hmm…So what do you all think about the new Blogger homepage? I tried opening it in my Google Chrome and all I could see was the title bar. Not a lot of help there, Google! And the fact that it doesn’t open in your own browser is not a real confidence booster.

Anywho…I don’t have a whole lot to say. My Bead~N~Knot studio is having a sale – 15% off everything – until July 15. It’s my mid-summer sale, so enjoy it while it lasts! And did you know that there is now only 167 days left until Christmas? I’m sure you’ll find something in my shop to tickle your fancy. If not, let me know what I can make for you! I’m adding a Christmas Countdown to my blog. Yes, it will be here soon. No, I’m not pushing the issue. But with 5 kids and a very extensive family I like to get a head start and little items for all.

I love Christmas. I like the smells, sights, sounds, weather, baking, and most importantly the meaning behind the entire holiday. It’s funny to me that the most significant Christian holiday is also the most celebrated by all people, both Christian and non. What does that say about the impact of Christianity? I think that if you’re going to celebrate it you should celebrate for the right reasons – and know what you’re celebrating. Do people in Britain celebrate the American Fourth of July? How about Hanukkah? How many non-Jewish people celebrate that? Yet, everyone wants to celebrate Christmas – then complain when we use our Christian symbolism and words during the holiday! I don’t wish people a Merry Christmas unless I KNOW they are Christians. Why would I? It would be like wishing someone in a foreign country Happy Thanksgiving. It’s a Christian holiday, folks, and should remain that way.

I’ll be bringing some crafts that I find, sales, and beautiful things your way over the next 167 days. Hope you enjoy them!


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