The End Result

Although it took a while, and a lot of time away from other things, I have finally finished my baby t-shirt quilt! 

This was my 15 minutes of fame on Facebook last night. I’m with a little group that buys and sells locally, and the mother of the child that I made the quilt for posted a picture of this on that group. I’ve now had about 6 different requests for t-shirt quilts. Now you might see that some of the lettering looks a little off center, but that is due to the way the shirts were cut. They were cut before I received them and I didn’t have a lot of seam allowance on them, so I had to improvise. A few were lay in a little sideways. But it all worked out. The sashing and batting are turtles on a green flannel background. It was so soft I wanted to cuddle under it! 
The best part about doing this entire project was the joy and memories that the parents will get out of it. They will be able to pass it on to him and he to his children. To know I was a part of that makes me nearly giddy! 
If you would like to contact me regarding making a t-shirt quilt, just email me and we’ll talk! Now I’m off to do some more cutting and planning, since I have 2 more on the roster right now. I never really thought of myself as a “quilter”, but sometimes the best things to happen to us are not the things we plan. 

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  1. spanky luvs vintage
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 04:28:53

    That is such a great idea and what wonderful memories are in each quilt! Just the other night my son told me he wants the blankie that my mom crocheted and I embroidered the ABC images on. Children often remember their beloved blankies and a quilt with moms beloved baby t-shirts? How unique and priceless is that :)!!!!


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