Freckle Dots on Etsy

I have decided to separate my studios. Bead~N~Knot will remain the place to buy beautiful handmade wire jewelry, bead designs, knotted stuff and a little mix of my eclectic talents. However, I think that the quilted pieces and custom designs need a place of their own. I have opened up FreckleDots on Etsy.

Freckle Dots is so called in honor of my puppy, Freckles. We adopted her from the Humane Society about 3 weeks ago and she has become my loyal quilting companion. She lays by in my sewing room, curled on a blanket in the corner. She is always ready to give a tail-wag of approval when I ask her opinion. She has a spotted belly and I call her Dots sometimes. So, the name seemed cute and appropriate.

I will be designing custom quilts and also pre-made quilts. Soon I will be adding new items, so keep an eye out. Oh, and I’m leaving you with this cute little picture. Stare, become entranced, she’s a doll!


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