Holidays and crafting

As the holidays approach I see so many new crafty ideas hit the internet. Christmas and fall seem to inspire people to create in ways that they haven’t all year. I think it’s the beauty, the mystery, and probably cooler weather that set our minds free to wander over worlds of possibilities and anticipation of another year’s end.

In our home, Thanksgiving is a BIG holiday. We’re joining up to cook at least 368 dinners for people in the community, delivering 7 uncooked dinners to others, and then we finally settle in with our own family on that big Thursday to share each other’s company, enjoy conversation, and eat. This has been a difficult year for our family. Many things have happened that have either saddened us, stirred us to anger, or caused us to fear. However, in the end when it’s all over it is just another memory. There have been many blessings as well. So we do give thanks for the things that helped us grow and those that strengthened us to become better and wiser people.

Christmas is also a wonderful time. For the last couple of years we’ve had some pretty slim-looking gift-giving. With 5 children it’s difficult to meet their needs and wants all year and then do a big hurrah at the end. However, I know my kids will never forget Christmas in our home. Not because of what they got, but the trip to Grandma’s, dinner, the anticipation of Christmas Eve, stockings, candy, hot chocolate and so many more memories. Those are the things I hold dear. My dad was a scrooge, but my mom made the holidays wonderful and beautiful. I can recall only 3 gifts from that entire time. My radio with a CD player, a unicorn blanket, and a “working-girl Barbie.” I rarely get anything at Christmas now, as it all goes to our kids. But each Christmas I remember and will always hold deeply.

I think of simple gifts, the beauty of a star and the miracle of angels singing from the Heavens when I think of Christmas. Most people were actually ticked off that night because they were being counted for a census so they could be taxed properly. But it was a night not soon forgotten or dismissed.

I have created a place mat from a pattern to remember my little boy’s 4th Christmas. He turns 4 a few days before Thanksgiving each year. If you would like one, come on over to my studio and have yours done. Turn around is 4 days, so I have time for a few more!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!


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