Duct Tape!

Well, I’m always a little late on the “fashion trends.” I honestly own only 3 pairs of shoes, mostly utilitarian, so I’m not big on “what’s in.” So I was a little surprised when I found out that Duct Tape (Duck Tape) is such a hot fashion trend. I’ve seen people make dress dummies out of it, and a few other ingenious things, but never really considered it as a fashion medium. So when I was on Listia today I saw a lot of listings for duct tape hair bows. Now my 6-yr-old is really into hair bows, so I found this whole idea intriguing. To my surprise and delight, I can actually buy the duct tape for about $8 a roll on Amazon. So that means that from the 32 feet that come in a designer roll, I can make approximately 21 bows at around $.38 each! Talk about an easy and inexpensive Christmas present!

I also found some great tutorials on YouTube and Instructables on how to make the bows. They’re so simple. There are also a ton of other ideas on making things with duct tape. It’s not just for cars anymore!


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