Anyone have Keurig K-Cup Crafty Reuse Ideas?

Ok, so my hot ticket present – the only thing I wanted that I thought we could afford this year – was a Keurig coffee maker. For the last 5 or more years we have had a stove top camp-style coffee maker. It’s an old one my dad used when we went camping. Made out of some type of gray hard metal with a basket strainer showing years of grease and fire build-up, I was having problems trying to deal with the grinds left in the coffee and the very obvious slick oil left behind in the cup. Plastic coffee makers we have purchased over the years seem to leave a heavy plastic taste in the coffee, so we quit using those. About 2 years ago my mom got a Keurig for Christmas and I fell in love. Not one to spend on myself very often, it sat in the back of my mind until this year.

Now, bear with me a moment while I tell you my morning routine. I get up generally around 5:30-5:45, wake up 4 children to get ready for school, walk the dogs and seek out my morning Java. Some mornings my husband, who is up by 2:30 am and out the door by 3:30, will have time to rinse the pot, pile in the coffee grounds into the basket (if he doesn’t have to poke the holes out in it from built-up coffee grounds), fill the pot, put all the parts back together, and make some coffee that takes about 8 minutes to brew. I get up a few hours later, pour the already brewed coffee into my cup, nuke it for a minute, add the cream and sugar, and hope that it is drinkable. All together a single cup of coffee takes about 30 minutes and adds an unknown amount of oil calories to my day, plus time I just don’t have. I know it seems superficial, but try this for a while and you’ll be just as superficial as I am. πŸ™‚ The idea of putting in a k-cup, pushing the brew button, and having a hot, fresh cuppa in just a few seconds was almost euphoric for me.

My dear husband surprised me with one this year. I enjoyed 2 hot cups of steaming coffee from the variety pack, one last night, and then 2 again this morning. They are delicious! I’m off to get a reusable filter so that I can continue to use my ground coffee, but was wondering what I should do with the K-cups that were provided and those future ones I may use. I don’t want to add to the plastic waste in our landfills, so I need something that will be good use and not thrown away later. I’m not interested in reusing the actual cup for coffee, just in creative reuse ideas for them. x I did a Google search and all I can find is ways to reuse the cups in the maker. Any and all ideas are welcome (just keep it clean, people!).

*As a side not I wanted to add that the Keurig is now a member of the family. It makes that little “hmmm, hummm, mmmm” sound when it’s heating up the water, like a little monk. So it’s now St. Java. πŸ™‚


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ArtFairly Aware
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 23:41:26

    Can you make some type of doll furniture with it? An ottoman?


  2. Tammy
    Dec 27, 2011 @ 23:47:55

    Ohh…that would be cute! Maybe also some lamp shades or something in a doll house? I don't think about stuff like that very often since my girls don't do much with doll houses. But that is a cute idea!


  3. Sandy Weaver
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 16:17:05

    Sounds like quite a coffee maker. I bet my Mom would have loved having one. I stopped by from QQQ for a visit.


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