Junkin’ Up My House

Rose Trellis Fountain

Yes, it’s true. My beautiful home is filled with junk. Well, other people’s junk, anyway. I love thrift and antique stores and my home is beginning to reflect this obsession. I always wanted a home that didn’t look so modern (or falling down) that it would really be a canvas for a shabby chic or country look. I’m attracted to things that I can re-purpose or use in ways not originally intended. And I have a hard time finding extreme usefulness in modern-day furniture designs. They leave out utilitarian needs and instead focus only on style. If it were simple enough in my home to focus on style, then I’d be all for it. But the varied interests, needs, and wants of a 7-member family also demands storage, function, and attractiveness. So with these few rules in place, I decided to fill my home with things that make me happy. I mean, why not? Isn’t home supposed to be a place you come to when you want to be happy? And filling it with things that don’t mean anything doesn’t make me happy. So the pieces I’m choosing will most likely also be an eclectic mix of objects, but that’s ok, because that suits me.

Yesterday my husband and I went thrift store shopping without our children for four entire hours! We found a sitter and went on our mini adventure. We found many things that caught our eye, but we didn’t buy it all. Instead we chose some things to go in our fairy garden, a desk for the dining room/office area, and a teapot for our collection. Altogether we spent about $60. Yep, $60, desk included. The desk was at a yard sale, just waiting for us. I’m planning to clean it up, decoupage some scenes on the ends, maybe distress it and add a coat of white paint to it, and change out the handles on it to something a little fancier. It is, after all, in my formal dining room!

My $40 desk

My husband has an idea on how to hook up the fountains using pvc pipe underground, a two-way faucet, and some aquarium tubing. I’ll try to take pictures of it when he gets it together.

The little fairy holding the petal bowl will eventually have some miniature roses in it. She will help me tend them. 🙂

We also started scrounging around the yard and found some old privacy fencing and wood from a building that would be perfect for the garden and for shelving inside the house. So as it all comes together I hope you’ll join me in my journey. Your

Rose Garden Fountain

ideas and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

A fairy for the garden

Fairy Fountain


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