Puppy Love

As I played in Heaven with the angels,
   The time came for me to be
On earth with all the humans
   To become someone’s puppy.

The angels hugged and kissed me,
   And wished me a happy home
But sadness lingered on their faces
   As if they knew what was to come.

I entered into the world,
   My eyes only darkness saw
My ears were closed to sounds,
   But I felt my mother’s paw

The days passed by so quickly,
   And soon I was running again.
But the cage seemed so small and dirty
   And my mother was in such pain.

Six short weeks later
   I was in a bright and shiny store
Missing my family so deeply
   But ready to play some more

You came in and saw me playing
   Had to have me then and there
I knew the moment I saw you
   You would be the one to care

You wrapped me up and took me home
   You loved me tenderly
Gave me a name and bought me new toys
   My heart was filled with glee.

Soon I began to grow
   My puppy shape was lost
I did the things that puppies do
   Wanting to please you the most

You didn’t have time to train me
   Too many days of work
So instead you decided to blame me
    I didn’t know your hands could hurt

I jumped into your bed,
   To wake you with my kisses
Your hand struck me again and again
   Funny how it never misses

I asked for food and you forgot
   Two to three days at a time
Blamed me for the expense of chow
   And taking your last dime

I begged at the door until
    I couldn’t hold it anymore
You grabbed me up and rubbed my face
   In the mess I left on the floor.

One day you told your friends
   “It’s going out the door!
It pees and poops and is such a pain!
   It’s become such a chore!”

Days later I found myself,
   Wandering the streets.
I looked and looked for you
   But only strangers I would meet

They hit and kicked just like you
   Never fed me one little scrap
I licked the sores on my feet
   And slept on cardboard mats

My fur turned dingy and matted
   I knew I smelled pretty bad
No one looked my way or cared
   The fleas were all I had

On the final day I lay down to rest
   My heart was broken in two
I died that day cold and alone
   Never having found you.

The angels took me up in Heaven
   Hugged me close and cried
But finally I’d come back home
   And I gave a puppy sigh

Undying love for you I’ll feel
   Throughout eternity
It’s sad that you will never know
   The best friend you had in me.
All dogs come from Heaven
   One day they all return
It is only love they give down here
   From that we all can learn



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