Um, Dear, Your Yankee is Showing

Okay, so I have lived in Georgia for nearly half of my life. Sometimes my accent gives me away and people just ask where I am from. However, I do say “Ya’ll,” “Fixin’ Ta,” “Fur,” (as in for) and “get ‘er done” on a fairly frequent basis. The other day, though, I was really hit with something that caught me unaware. I was asked if I make corn hole bags.

Now, I don’t know about ya’ll, but that didn’t sound very nice. I politely said, “I’m not real sure what that is, so no, I guess I don’t” and went on about my way. Later that same day, I was asked the same question by someone completely unrelated to the first inquirer. I looked her dead in the eye and said, “What is that?”

She gave me a look of complete and utter confusion. “Well, it’s the bags for a corn hole game. You know, where you take the bags and throw them in a hole on the board?”

Ah, yes! I had even played this game at some local festivals, but had no idea what it was. I apologized for my ignorance and said, “Well, I AM from Michigan originally, so that was a new one for me!” She looked very sympathetic and nodded. Well, yes, ahem…

So…now I am making some corn hole bags. đŸ˜€ Ya learn something new every day. And if you’re interested in further reading, visit They’re fixin’ ta learn ya over yonder on the ins and outs of cornholin’.


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