Commitment…The New Dirty Word?

So I’ve had this post running through my mind for a while now, and it seems every day I’m a little more aware of just how traumatic our society’s commitment issues have become. Let me outline a few things for you:

Of course, the biggest issue is marriage. It’s always at the top of the list when we talk about commitment, because it is a life-changing decision to spend the rest of one’s life with a single person. It’s not just men, either. Women today are more and more frequently stepping out on their husbands and filing for divorce, putting careers in front of family, and leaving. Why? Is this what it means to be a feminist? Yes, we have the legal right to do it, but should we? What is so difficult about making the decision to be a faithful person?

Look at other aspects of our lives. We don’t usually commit to buying a vehicle, but a 2-year lease is acceptable. We can’t commit to living in one home for the rest of our lives (renters excluded) because we should have a “starter” home and then upgrade. Where people once had a puppy from the age of 6 weeks until 13+ years of age, we now have “temporary” pets that will do until we find another one, have a baby, move, or simply get tired of caring for. That’s why the shelters are overcrowded because people just lack commitment.

Our country (and world) is also seeing a decline in the number of people committing themselves to a church or a religion, because they are afraid they might be wrong or want to change out later on. HUH? Yes, it’s true. The new trend in Christianity is for people to attend the non-denominational churches that do ask for membership of any kind. You just show up. So if you’re not there for 7 or 8 months, no one really notices. And that’s ok with people. That’s the way they want it.

The biggest one for me, (and I am VERY guilty of this) is a prepaid phone contract. I don’t want a phone for 2 years, or the commitment of a contract. So I use prepaid phones. Now that Smart phones are available on the prepay plans, I am an even happier person. Just paid $189 for a phone and a 1 month commitment on a new Smart phone. Yes, I am happy. If I want to let it go for a month, I can – without penalties. But why? What is the biggest issue for me about this? Lack of commitment. A new and better phone will come along, with a new and better plan, and I’ll want to trade out. Simple as that. I’m a tech addict.

Now, I can’t say that I feel the same way about my car, phones, or home as I do about my husband and pets. My husband is a life-long commitment and I took my vows seriously. He feels the same way. To my children, of course, I am the most committed. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them to ensure that they are safe, fed, and warm. However, when you see the number of abortions, abandoned children, and foster children on the rise, it makes you wonder where people have their priorities.

So why is it our society has become a group of commitment-phobes? Well, here is my take on it. We are not taught responsibility any longer. We are not taught what it means to keep your word because “your word is your reputation.” With the availability of non-committal contracts, prepays, trade-ins, and upgrades, our society has forgotten where our priorities should lie. What do you think? Does this touch on your nerves or make you think? Your feedback is welcome!


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