Ins And Outs of Art Quilts: Painting

So in my continuing quest to figure out this art quilt pursuit, I have looked into painting with thread and actual painting with paint. Many of the quilt pieces that I saw in the art center employed both of these techniques. I will cover thread painting in another post, but for right now I want to explore using the paints. Shiva paint sticks are very popular among quilters and stencilers alike. Other textile paints may be used too.

As coincidence (or fate) would have it, one of my most favorite and inspirational quilters, Leah Day, just uploaded a video using her painting technique. As a side note, if you’re looking for a free-motion quilting pattern and just not sure how to pull it off, check out her other videos at and on You Tube. Check out what Leah does, her adorable little boy, and her really awesome rings:


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