Long Time No See Darlin

It has been a long time my dear. My last post was in September of 2012. Not a good way to keep up a blog’s readership huh? So let me fill you in a little on what I’ve been doing that has kept me away from this oh-so-important part of my life.


In July I started to get in a bunch of tee shirts with future hopes and dreams of being a quilt. Three were from  one person, and the rest just seemed to pile up. Between running the kids to school and extra-curricular activities, my life suddenly became booked! So I had to put my art quilt explorations to the side and concentrate fully on making some new t-shirt quilts. Here are some that I completed during that time.

Quilt made from Cross Stich pieces

Double-Sided Quilt

GSU Quilt

Roland’s Quilt


So my New Year’s resolution is to start blogging at least twice a week. Even if it is a photo blog. I’ve become active in knitting again and am going to learn to Knook. If you haven’t heard of this technique yet, it is a combination of using a crochet hook with a string attached to the end of it through a hole in the end and completing knit stitches.It looks like fun! I think it would be applicable to most ANY knitting pattern, not just a specific Knook pattern. But more on that later. Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and that you make the most out of 2013.


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