My dog ate my Knook Hook

No, really, seriously. I recently wrote about my new knooking adventures and our new dog, Brownie. Well, the combination of the two was catastrophic. Brownie is a mess. I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into when we adopted an Australian Shepherd. I knew they were full of energy, needed constant stimulation and play, and if not given those could become destructive. But I am seriously at a loss with this dog. We’re going to try to train him with an invisible fence and get him outdoors, where I can spend some time teaching him to use an agility course. Until then, however, we’re making do with trying to keep him entertained indoors. We live near a busy highway, even though we out in the country, and we have a few neighbors. Our closes neighbor has some goats. I’m afraid if he gets loose without a fence, we’ll have a lawsuit or a dead dog. Any previous or current Aussie owners that would like to give some feedback or support are more than welcome to!

So, Brownie gets bored. And I left my size H hook sitting on the end table, innocently attached to my current project. I took a shower, Brownie tried to knook, couldn’t do it, ate it instead. Bye, bye, knook hook. So while I COULD HAVE knitted the piece that the hook was attached to, I casually put it to the side and bought a new and improved set. This time going for the deluxe set that came with more goodies, hooks, projects, and instructions.

Knook Deluxe from

It was an excuse. I know. I have also started a new charity organization called, “Warm up the Boro.” Basically, I’m teaching others to knit and crochet in exchange for their contribution of a hat or a scarf to be donated to those in our community. Statesboro isn’t a big city, and being nestled in the south we don’t have A LOT of cold weather, but when it gets cold, it really gets cold. Anyway, for more information on that, please go to . I can currently only teach in my area, but I’m hoping it will spread to other communities too. Maybe even yours?


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