Continuous Learning

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a geek. I love to learn new things. I especially love to learn new things about crafting; knitting, quilting, crochet, DIY and others are my passions. Once I’ve learned the basics of something, learning to improve your skills can be so beneficial to your future work. YouTube is a good resource, but you could cycle through 20 videos before you find one that actually answers the questions you have. Or, you can try to find a class somewhere, pay for it, buy all the supplies, tote them with you somewhere, and try to keep up with everyone else. But you may also be one of those people that just can’t squeeze in an hour or two a week to learn something new or the classes move to quickly for you and you give up. Or you forget something but there is no resource for you to go back to unless you took scrupulous notes during class and neglected the actual project. Hmmm…what’s a person to do?

Craftsy. I absolutely, 100% adore Craftsy and their classes. You can take as many as you want and take all the time in the world to watch the videos, get your questions answered, go back and see what you missed or forgot, and stay right at home to do it. The best part of these courses is that they are yours to keep, forever, and you can watch them any time you have a moment to do so!

You don’t even have to invest any money up front to try one of their courses. Craftsy offers free mini-courses that are led by other students. I’m taking two of them myself:

The next 2 free Craftsy mini-courses I’m going to take are: 

1. Creative Quilt Backs
2. Short Rows

There are tons of others on many different subjects, even cooking. Craftsy also offers supplies and kits for the classes. Have fun and continue to learn. It keeps your mind active and your heart happy! 


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