Enjoying Your Health

Blogging has been hit and miss the last few months. I hinted a few posts back about my dad’s passing on March 20. It came as a shock to our family. He had just come down to visit in November and stayed for Thanksgiving. We new he had some health issues such as COPD and arthritis, but he was also 79 years old and seemed to be doing well for his age. He had been in the hospital a few times for pneumonia and some breathing concerns as well. Still, when we found out he was in the last time, we were told he “may not make it.” He went into an induced coma so they could do some exploratory and find out what was making him have severe stomach pains. He never came back out of the coma and died from what was later called septic stomach.  Basically, he had infection in his stomach lining that had spread and it wasn’t caught in time.

I took a week-long trip from Georgia to Michigan while my husband stayed with my kids. They were all still in class and we couldn’t afford the expense of seven people traveling to the funeral. It was pretty stressful emotionally and financially, but we were recovering.

On the evening of April 10 I was eating dinner and realized that the right side of my face felt numb and didn’t seem to be working right. I dismissed it as too much spice in the food and went to bed that evening hoping it would be gone by morning. By the next morning, the right side of my face was almost totally unresponsive and my right arm and leg were shaking and weak. I went to the doctor at the insistence of my husband and they rushed me in, performed tests for pin stroke and Bell’s Palsy, and then sent me for an emergency MRI at the hospital. On the way home from the hospital, my doctor calls to tell me that they think they have spotted Multiple Sclerosis on the MRI results.

Of course, I was devastated. We spent 2 weeks waiting for a neurology appointment, during which time I began to deal with the fact that I had MS. I also went into heavy prayer mode and gathered those around me that were praying souls to intercede on my behalf. My heart was heaviest with the fact that I would eventually lose my ability to knit, crochet, quilt, and sew because I would lose the right side of my body. During those two weeks, however, my face began to respond again.

Still retaining some soreness in my right leg, my arm eventually had no more side effects and I found that after some practice I could spit, whistle, and wink once again. This was pretty exciting. We went to the neurologist and he viewed the MRI. His reaction was that he did not believe it was MS. After some tests and questions about my condition, he told me he believed that what I had was bad migraines and Bell’s Palsy. Imagine my relief!

He needed a few more confirmations, though. On May 10, I went in to have a lumbar puncture done. I was told I may have a headache for 24-48 hours afterward, but that drinking plenty of fluids and caffeine would help. So that’s what I did. Unfortunately, my body had other plans. On May 14, I was in the hospital with severe head pain and vomiting. I was given intravenous fluids, migraine medications, and antibiotics. I had developed a sinus and urinary tract infection along with the migraines and loss of fluid from the  lumbar puncture. I can’t even begin to explain the pain I’ve gone through in the last 8 days from the headache.

So here I am now, still with a bit pressure in my head and neck from the infection, but recovering. I still have nausea from the antibiotics and have migraine medications should another arise. The last couple of months have been hell. Emotionally and physically I’m worn out. But through it all I have come to appreciate the benefits of good health! For those suffering with chronic pain and illnesses my heart goes out to you. To go from being an active and healthy person to one that requires constant observation and assistance is a shock to the system.

I’m not sure where my next steps will lead. Hopefully a return to good health and healing. But I also believe I will pursue some things to help those that are suffering constantly. I wish you all good health and if you are suffering, my prayers are with you. I believe that prayer brought me through and healed me from what they initially diagnosed. I believe it can help you too. Love to all. 


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