Knit in Public Week

It’s time to knit out loud! June 8-16 is Knit in Public Week. We’re encouraging all of our crafty friends that love to knit (or crochet!) to get out there and knit in public. Tell people what you’re doing, share your craft, and invite questions. Sure, you may be counting, but if someone is interested enough to ask questions, write down your count and answer them. They may be joining you one day. Knitting is one of those crafts that draw people in and get them hooked when the discover the possibilities. Little kids’ eyes will grow huge when they see someone using 4 (or more) needles to knit in the round. To them, all those spiky rods are cool!

So come on, don’t be a prude. Gather your knitting friends, hit the local coffee shop, fast food resty, book store, park – wherever, whenever – and knit out loud!


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