Yarn for the Shhh! Project has arrived!

I received my hand-dyed silk and merino blend yarn in a luscious tangerine color a couple of days ago. The pattern uses a combination of sock weight and lace weight yarns. I would definitely be tempted to buy some to make matching accessories (like a lace shawl or scarf!!!) with the beautiful color variations.

Lace Weight (left) Sock Weight (right) of the silk/merino blend yarn for Shhh! Project

 Last night I spent 2 hours winding it into balls from the hank. Normally, I detest doing this. It takes up waaaayyy too much time and energy. Why buy a hank of very expensive yarn and then still have to sit there and wind it up in one way or another. Call me cheap, but if I’m paying over $10 for a hank of yarn, I want it wound. So I also don’t normally buy hanks. Yep, I miss out on a lot of really cool yarn this way, but my hatred for winding trumps my love of fiber. This yarn was free with my test knit, though, and I wasn’t too upset about having to wind it.

It was kind of nice by the second hank. The first hank came off of my chair back, got all twisted up, and took up the majority of one hour to finish untangling and winding. The second one went a lot smoother. Feeling the softness of the silk and merino glide through my fingers was nice, and the subtle color variations in the yarn were mesmerizing to watch come together.

I refuse to buy a swift and put all that money into something that just holds the hanks. Maybe one day I’ll find one used and pay a reasonable price for it. I don’t own a yarn winder either. If and when I have to roll a ball, I use my hand to get it started, then put a knitting needle in the middle of it and wind around the needle. This saves my fingers some unnecessary stress too!

Of course, after the fact I thought I should have looked online to see if I could find easier ways of doing it. Lionbrand has a great tutorial on making a center-pull skein of yarn. With just a slip knot I could have done the same thing, because this is how I wind my yarn balls on the knitting needle!

If you have a technique for winding your yarn from hanks to balls, please let me know. And remember, I’m all for little to no added expense!!! 


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