Want More Information on the Janome MC8900?

My review of the Janome MC8900 has been very popular with my readers. I also saw that a lot of search terms directing people to the post basically added up to, “How do I use the Janome MC8900?” I’m still learning a little more each day, but I also thought that maybe you would all enjoy a series of tutorials on how to use the 8900. And if you do, what would you like to know?

I will post using videos (Yikes! New for me!) and try to answer your questions. You may also discover things you didn’t know your Janome could do! I know that often when dealers sell their machines they offer free lessons over the life of the machine. But if you’re in any situation like mine, you can’t just pack up and go down for lessons.

Problem 1: My dealer is 1.5 hours away in heavy traffic in a city I don’t like.

Problem 2: That machine is freakin’ heavy!

Problem 3:  I don’t have time to run around taking lessons, which is why I use Craftsy.

Problem 4: It’s a $4k+ machine. You don’t just load it in the back of the van and hope that all the idiots on the road stay away from you and that you don’t have to get out and use the restroom or eat or anything, cause there’s no way I’m leaving it in the car by itself!!!! Yup, I have serious attachment issues.

So if you’re interested in some online lessons/tutorials, please post here and let me know! Thanks.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tellico
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 04:12:43

    Hi, I have had my 8900 since Feb 2013 . I love my machine but do not know much about all the letters beside some stiches like the D or the P and I am not familiar with some of the icons either. I got my machine at a quilt show(class machine) so I did not receive any instruction. I have done a lot with it but I know that I am not using one tenth of what it is capable of. The manual is somewhat helpful ,but……..


  2. Tammy Lyons
    Oct 19, 2013 @ 13:54:46

    Welcome to the Janome family! I haven't had much response to this, but I'm still thinking about doing a series. I've been learning so much about the machine recently and thought it would be fun to share with everyone. Hoping to get something going in a few weeks. Stay tuned!


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