Pinterest Perfection?

The other day I read a blog post by “All Things Thrifty” about the author’s idea that her Pinterest pictures should be perfect so that they are “Pinterest worthy.” She was worried that the picture she took might not be good enough for Pinterest. I can’t remember ever having a thought like that. I hear tons of praise for Pinterest, but there is also some disturbing thoughts about it. This is going to be a long post, so grab a cuppa whatever pleases you and let’s talk.

I am not a photographer. Never have been, never will be. I find that it is the biggest pain in the arse to worry about lighting, mood, light boxes, shadows, etc., etc., etc. I don’t care. No, I really don’t. My pictures are never going to be something you will find going viral on Instagram or Flikr, if there is such a thing as “going viral” on those sites. (See? I don’t even really follow them!) I detest Tumblr because half the time I can’t find the original source or any information on the image. Picture blogging sucks in my opinion. So why do I care about Pinterest???? Because it is about more than the pictures.

Yes, Pinterest uses images because that is what draws people. When Pinterest first started up I was one of the first members. My followers were limited to about 20 and I think I may have followed just as many. I could wait 2-3 days before my feed was updated with images I hadn’t seen yet. Yes, it was just in its infancy. But I loved it. Why? Because it was personal. It was a way for me to categorize, store away, and re-visit things I thought were wonderful or wanted to try. I could actually follow a link and find out how someone did something or find a great blog post. The web was finally coming together for me. Not in bookmark links or assorted images on 100 different sites that were hard to find again, but in pictures I had put in nice little categories.

Suddenly, recipes I wanted to try were all in one place. Craft ideas, how-tos, and items for sale were right where I could find them. I was thrilled. And I pinned everything. Then came the day when I followed a link only to find that I was being redirected to a site called “Pinnerly” or “Pinthis” or some such crap. What were they doing? Just creating another site to direct traffic to instead of the original source. When you click on THEIR link it takes you to the original PINTEREST source, where you have to click AGAIN to actually follow the source. Okay, I was annoyed to say the least. I stopped following them and I refuse to repin anything that links to their sites. I think it was at that moment that I realized Pinterest was not going to be what I wanted it to be if I decided to follow the crowd. Pinterest was my one thing that I didn’t want to be stressful. I wanted it to stay easy and fun. It wasn’t full of the Facebook drama, the Twitter comments, or the boring business side of LinkedIn. I wasn’t worried about people hunting me down and stalking me through my Pins like they can through Foursquare. It. Was. Just. Fun.

 Now people stress about the images they put on their blogs, making Pinterest stressful. Yes, good images are better than crappy, hard-to-see images. But who cares if your studio isn’t up to the same perfection as something that someone has put thousands of dollars into???? You will most likely see my dogs, my kids, scraps of fabric, threads, and all sorts of other chaos in my images. I’m more concerned with the work I produce than what my studio looks like. I use Pixlr, Picassa, and Photobucket to make my images better. I crop, brighten, lighten, and watermark most of them. But do I REALLY need to have a professional photographer come in and take pictures just so people will pin them? Do I REALLY need to learn another skill that I have no interest, money, or time for? Do I even CARE? NO. Why? Because I’m tired of people taking something like Pinterest and making it into some must-do, must-be, must-live-up-to thing. Why can’t people just have fun with something and like what they like? I believe by the comments on that other blog that I’m not the only one. I’m not going to stress about whether or not it is perfect. I have way to much to do otherwise.

Pinterest is a good thing. Like I said before, it is fun. Other than the images thing, I’ve also had some friends worry that they can’t get into Pinterest because it puts too much stress on them to do things. (Sorry, Jess, but this has bothered me for a long time too!) There are so many great ideas on the web. Things I probably never would have found or run into if it hadn’t been for Pinterest. It has improved my quilting, given me endless tutorials, and is chock-full of ideas that I will never ever have time to do. So why do I pin them and keep them? Because I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t ever know what may pop up that I have pinned and suddenly need. In my mind I can remember this beautiful quilting pattern that I saw somewhere, but for whatever reason (perhaps it has to do with slow evolution?) my head has yet to catalog and categorize URLs. I want to use it, so I go back to my Pin Boards and find the link. However, my board for “Pins I’ve Actually Done” is a heck of a lot smaller than any of my “yet to do” boards.

Quit stressing about it and pin it! Don’t make it into something that we once again have to worry about. Yes, it can drive traffic to your site. It can boost your sales and increase your readership. But why screw with perfection? Can’t we just use and enjoy something without worrying about the stinking SEOs and such? What many fail to realize is that people LIKE to see imperfection. It really puts less stress on their lives than to have to deal with someone else’s supposed ideals. Half the time what you see is not reality. Would you rather live in a world of truth or of photoshopped lies? Wouldn’t you rather just ENJOY something for a change instead of having to adapt it so that Google searches pick it up? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that is yours, personal and enjoyable, sharing with others, following their boards and sharing ideas, without fear of judgement and what the bottom line is? Oh, they have that. It’s called Pinterest! 


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessica
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 20:52:44

    Haha, I am a reformed pinner thanks to you! It's become the best 'honey do list maker' ever… pin a pic, show him later, and then we get busy organizing that garage, lol!


  2. Tammy Lyons
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 09:55:21

    Yay!!! Way to go. I know a lot of my husband's weekends begin with, “Hey, I saw this thing on Pinterest…”


  3. anne glencer
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 00:04:55

    I love the ideas on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I have not had much luck with the recipes. My food never turns out like the picture! LOL


  4. Tammy Lyons
    Sep 09, 2013 @ 13:17:23

    LOL Anne! I think that's why those pics about “Nailed it” are so funny. You know, the ones that show the cookie cups backed on an upside down cupcake tin that are so totally lopsided? 🙂


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