Crafty Monday: Painting Curtains

Last week I wanted to blog about my adventure in expanding my overly small bedroom closet. My closet is in the smallest bedroom of the house. Inside the closet, is a fireplace. No, not the front of it, but the entire back of it. It is actually a faux fireplace which faces my craft room. Made of marble, concrete, and plaster, it’s not something that can be removed to make closet space without contractor! So I needed another solution.

Total Closet Size

Total Closet Size

It didn’t work out as planned, but I DID get a few things done to it. The big plan was to move the closet rod to the outside of the closet and hang the clothes in front of it. I didn’t really want a big metal rod hanging there with all of the clothes out in the open. The serenity of my bedroom is something I thoroughly enjoy, but this was not conducive to that serenity. So I was also going to put a curtain in front of the clothes. Simple, right? Well, as I explained in the previous post, it wasn’t all that simple because I didn’t allot enough time, nor did I have all the proper materials ready. *Sigh* This is the bane of many DIY projects.

But I DID have a plan, and I wanted to finish it. First of all, I needed curtains. So what does a crafty sewist do? Ah, yes, I’ll make them. And I did. I measured top to bottom and used a 60″ wide piece of off-white cotton lining I had bought to reupholster a couch. (Couch left, meaning I had 10 yards of this stuff available.) I cut and sewed them, making a simple header style curtain that could have grommets.

Then I started looking at all of these beautiful curtain panels online. You know, the ones that cost well over $100 each? They were embroidered and woven with beautiful scenes. My plain white curtains just didn’t measure up. I decided to paint my curtains. I played it smart this time, though, and made a sampler to try out some techniques.

Cherry Blossom Test Panel

Cherry Blossom Test Panel

Using the “make cherry blossoms with a soda bottle” pin as inspiration, I tried using the method they had. Ok, soda bottle didn’t work out so good. The ones I had, made flowers with spaces way too wide between the petals. So I took out my paint brushes and made little circles with them. Then I added some other colors to the branches and flowers, to see what I like best. Getting a little input from the husband, we went with the pink blossoms lined with a dark pink shade. Now I also had a painted panel I could frame and use to decorate the room! Yay, me!

A couple of days later I laid out my curtain panels and began to decorate them like I had the test sample. Not only was it fun, but I felt really good with paint on my hands and the smell in the air. I used acrylics with a little bit of water. The paint did seep through the fabric a bit, but I had covered the table with some craft paper beforehand. Once it had dried, I pulled it up. It stuck just a little bit, but no big deal.

Here are some progression pictures for you:

Creating the branches

Creating the branches

Branches done, ready for blossoms

Branches done, ready for blossoms


Painting on blossoms


More blossoms


Shading the blossoms

I love how they turned out! I put one across the bed to let it continue to dry, and instantly decided I needed a quilt that matched. One thing leads to another, and I have plans for my first painted, whole cloth art quilt. I love DIY.


Blog Organization

I’m not good at organization. I’m one of those people that do things on the spur of the moment, usually involving a last minute attempt to make sure that something is done on time and accurately. This goes for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays. For some reason I think I have all the time in the world to get things done, but seldom realizing that I have precious little time to do them! Major events usually involve a run to the store at the last minute, on my way to a party, or getting involved with huge crowds because they, too, have forgotten or put it off until the last minute.

My list of resolutions that I so boldly stated on Facebook was
1. Learn to spin by wheel and spindle,
2. To make at least one Christmas craft every week  
3. To save money 
4. Spend more time doing outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, biking, camping, etc. 
5. that I intended to have all of my Christmas shopping done by November. Yes, I said November.

As I was thinking about number 5, I was also thinking about all of the other stuff that I don’t intend to miss, but usually do. Birthdays for extended family, friends, my anniversary…

So, I THEN thought that I would add a bit more to my resolution and try to be a bit more organized with events this year. I found a website that I really like called It’s free to try for 90 days, and then only $10 a year afterward. I figured, ok, I should know within 90 days if I like it or not and if it works for me. So far, so good.

So after saying all of that, here is the intention behind this post. I’m also going to TRY to organize this blog a little better. It is called Eclectic Technique. Which means that I have a variety of interests and try to cover them all a little at a time. Some days I’ll get caught up in quilting posts. Others, a little knitting. And still others, random thoughts like this one. I thought it would be better for my readers if they know what to expect and when! I average about 50 views a day right now, and I really want that to go up this next year. I’ve had the freaking blog forever, and it’s time to take it somewhere. And in trying to keep with all of my resolutions, I’m going to organize the blog so that I can cover some of them!

There are 7 days in a week, which means I can cover 7 topics. So I reviewed my labels for my posts and chose the ones that seem to be used the most. Fortunately, these are also my favorite topics!

  1.  Monday: Crafts -I’ll cover general crafts, diy, and things that don’t fit into other specific categories
  2.  Tuesday: Knitting/Crochet/Needlework –This is where I’m usually the most eclectic. I enjoy many aspects of needlework and tend to post about a variety of applications for use! 
  3. Wednesday: Quilting – Of course, we have to cover quilting. I may post links to other blog posts I’ve found helpful, videos, or offer up some advice for those attempting to quilt. Basically, if it involves quilting, it goes here. 
  4. Thursday: Sewing – What is life in the crafty lane without sewing? If it’s not quilting, but involves a sewing machine, it goes here. 
  5. Friday: Tutorials – I figure this will give me a weekend and a whole week to figure out. Almost. I’ll post more of them. I promise. 
  6.  Saturday: Random Thoughts – You guessed it. Just some random things that I want to write about. Gardening, outdoor activities, biking, hiking, etc. You may or may not enjoy them. You may or may not agree with them. But they’re my random musings and open to intelligent, non-emotional, mature discussion. We’re not Facebook. We’re not name-calling. 
  7. Sunday: Business – Sunday, for me, is always a day to reflect on what the work week will hold starting on Monday. Of course, it’s also my church day and I am a Christian, but thoughts wander where they will. Believe it or not, I actually get a lot of calls and inquiries on Sundays and it is also the busiest day for businesses in the internet world. Yeah, I looked that up somewhere. 

Ok. So if you’re still with me here, start looking for these posts to begin as early as this coming Monday. I need a day or 3 to get started on the posts and have them scheduled. I’m still working on a double-sided twin quilt, so that must come along at some point too. 🙂 So please bear with me.

As of this posting, you officially only have 1 day and 10 hours to participate in the New Year’s Crafty Resolutions Giveaway. You could win a Craftsy class worth $20 to start your crafty resolutions out right!

A step in the right direction

When I really began crocheting in earnest, I started collecting yarn and patterns. At first, it was an innocent hobby. I discovered new yarns that weren’t available in my local store. I had to have them, touch them, use them. I went yarn crazy. The patterns became organized on CDs and in filing cabinets. Then the pamphlets required binders with clear pockets to keep them organized. Eventually I had enough of these and books to fill up a bookcase. That was just the beginning.

Being a dedicated Eclectic, I found interest in other crafts. Knitting still required yarn, but new notions, needles, patterns, and books were also in order. Then came some sewing projects. These required fabrics. Yummy, delicious, colorful materials in solids, prints, and patterns that just needed one or two other matching fabrics. And of course, there are ribbons, rick-rack, pins, needles, bobbins, thread…books… you see where this is going.

Quilting required even more books and fabrics and a recent acquisition of said products from another crazy quilter left me with boxes filled and no place to put these wonderful treasures. Of course, I also didn’t want to get rid of any of it. This is a sickness that crafters share, creating an idyllic world where they have all supplies on hand so they may continue to craft until they drop.

Our recent move not only lifted my heart and spirits, but it also gave me a craft area separate from my sleeping area. An entire room, dedicated to what I love. So after putting away the requisite things in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, I got to unpack my sewing room. And I decided that now was the time to organize! It’s been more than a week, and I’m almost done. But the rewards are decidedly worth the time and effort. Here is a sample of the fabric shelves:

I have also sorted through all of my sewing notions, eliminated two of the peg boards that were major eyesores, replacing them with storage containers in a cleaned out sewing desk. I do still have one peg board, but that has gone down from the 3 that I previously had that never really worked. 

The sewing machine, jewelry desk (yes, another obsession), and cutting table all have their little areas. I even have room to add a quilting rack if I ever decide that I want to hand quilt. 

I can’t wait to get in and finish a couple of quilts and work on some other projects. I haven’t even been to my local Hobby Lobby in the last few weeks; probably because of the move, the unpacking, and organizing, but it still counts. Of course, I have the garden coming up in a couple of months, and I’m collecting for that, so I may need some more bookshelves for the books. But we’ll take this one step at  a time. 🙂

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