Click, click, and click again…

I have a  digital camera that is about 9 years old. Honestly, it is that old. I bought it with a printer a while back and it is my first and only digital camera. It is an HP 315 Photosmart with 2.1 MP and a 2.5x digital zoom. The 8 mb card will hold an amazing 80 pictures if I take them in low quality. When I started my business I realized the necessity for something that would take a good photo, in low light, and give me true color. I have to edit like crazy on Photobucket to get a fair quality picture, and then there really is only so much I and Photobucket can do. Picassa is absolutely no help when the original picture is junk.

So I began shopping. I am still shopping because I’m scared to spend tons of money and not find the right camera. I know I need more than 2.1 megapixels, but then what? Do I need something with zoom capabilities, auto focus, range finders – I have no idea. I’m not a camera person, really. I take vacation photos and have learned a little along the way about lighting and such. I know I need to stay under the $200 range if I EVER hope to buy a serger.

My basic needs entail taking good pictures that show a lot of detail, without being grainy or blurry, at low quality good for posting on the internet. If the camera manufacturers would just say this without all the technical stuff, I could probably find one in a heartbeat. But they don’t, so I need to talk to some camera savvy people. So as I visit online camera stores and other brick and mortor photo places for my camera needs, I’ll be gathering input from all of you. Do you have a great camera story? Horror stories? What do I really need and what am I looking for? (Yes, I believe someone else can tell me this!) Any and all input appreciated.

Oh, and as an update on the tattoo…I’ve decided to do it. Not sure when, or where, or what of yet, but I AM going to get one. Thanks for all of your opinions and stories. You guys rock!


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  1. letamariedesigns
    May 11, 2010 @ 17:16:38

    Hi Tammy, I had an HP too and had to edit them a lot (also did not have a light box then). This past Christmas my family got me a Canon Power Shot A1100 IS. Got on sale for $125 and I love it!! Its easy to use and the features to adjust to the light you are in etc.. are easy to use. I don't think you need to spend tons of money on a camera. Between new camera and light box (will take a pic sometime and show you it), I have not had to (or a least I think they are good enough) fix my photos on photo shop. I can't take photos outside much cause I am usually at work when there is a good day to do that. I urge a light box with some good lights to attach to it. Good Luck!! Leta


  2. lauraslefthook
    May 11, 2010 @ 17:26:28

    I have a Kodak Easyshare that is almost eight years old that does pretty well. It is five megapixels. I am sure the ones that are out today are even better.

    I just moved up to a Canon Rebel because my husband needed it for his business as well. I probably would have gotten the lower version, but since he needs it for the filming video capabilities, we got the deluxe version. Still figuring it out and sharing a camera that saves settings can be frustrating, especially when I don't even know what some of the settings he changed are, lol.


  3. loves2design
    May 11, 2010 @ 17:43:32

    I have many camera but my favorite just to take with me anywhere is my Canon PowerShot SD790 IS with 10.0 mixapixel basic 3x optical zoom. simply you can chooses whether the camera set to auto or manual which exp. setting to make it light or darker. One feature i really loves is you can pick a color and when you take a picture only that color is in color the rest of the picture is gray scale. For me good simply point shot camera i like either canons a lot better than HP and Kodak.


  4. Jessica
    May 13, 2010 @ 12:05:09

    A Canon all the way… definitely. I love my Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS. 10x optical zoom (the optical is very important – ignore the digital zoom specs), 9MPs, macro setting for great close-ups. Cost is in the $250 – $350 range – may be more than you want. Another of Canon's PowerShots may be a better fit for you… A100 IS looks pretty good for the right price.


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